Climber Tested: Ocun Sundance Crash pad!

For 5 years I have been sampling various crash pads, even testing them on a V11, and I keep coming back to the same one pad for all my Bouldering needs… it just does not dissapoint!

What is the best Crash Pad for Bouldering? The Ocun ‘Paddy sundance’ is the single best bouldering pad I have found. Its much cheaper than other pads. The zip system makes it the most versatile and protects you on all your bouldering adventures!

I have pushed this pad to levels I wasnt even comfortable with, like a 3/4 meter fall, a traversing V11 and solo bouldering and it has kept me safe and comfortable in all these cases and if you read on I will tell you why it does such a good job!

Below is my EpicTv link, its the cheapest I found.

Cost : £157.99Opens in a new tab.!

Why is the Ocun ‘Paddy Sundance’ so good for bouldering?

Look at that pad!

This bad boi is so good I am really excited to share this with you.

The Sundance is the best Bouldering pad because it:

  • Very affordable for a bouldering pad
  • It Protects 1.2 Meters squared
  • Only weighs 4.4kg
  • Zip hinge allows it to transform longer or wider
  • Zip bottom ensures all your gear is secure

so lets have a look at all those shall we!

Ocun Sundance Cost?

So £160 might seem like a lot for a pad but as far as the rest of the markey goes, thats cheap!

The size of the Sundance hits a beautiful balance between size and weight.

it covers an good amount of boulder, like ive always landed on it, but its not too big its a pain to get it down to your boulders.

I dont know about you but my local bouldering is a mission to get too and with a crash pad any bigger it will be very hard!

Is the Zip hinge Good?

So instead of just folding open, hinged with a layer of fabric, theres a zip installed on two sides of the pad.

This means you can zip it along and have the pad lenght-ways, like i did just recently trying this traversing V11.

or you can have it as one big square like usual!

This also means when your carrying all your stuff in it, you can zip up the bottom and ensure nothing is going to fall out!

Its honestly revolutionary… people are amazed when I zip it up haha.

Why should I use the Ocun Sundance?

I believe the sundance is the happy medium of bouldering pads.

Its nice and light and with the nifty ‘zip hinge’ you can make just the one pad fit your boulder really well.

Its only 4kg but protects a whole 1.2 meters squared.

The Dominator pad is definetly a more suitable choice if you want to really push the grades or mostly boulder alone because it is much bigger and provides a greater level of security.

Why is the Ocun Paddy Dominator an upgrade?

Ocun made an upgraded version of the Sundance called the Dominator.

It has most of the features that makes the Sundance the best bouldering pad… plus a few it doesnt!

Immediately its obvious the Dominator is a bigger pad…

so your protected on much more ground with this one pad.

Its also suitable for highballs with there new ‘FTS Absorption Block’ making it absorb impacts way more efficiently, even at the edges.

Below is my EpicTv link, the cheapest I found 🙂

Ocun Dominator cost: £234.00!Opens in a new tab.

It also becomes a chair!?!

This is incredible news because a lot of bouldering injuries happen when someone lands just on the edge of there pad, injuring an ankle.


Both the Sundance and Dominator are great bouldering pads.

If your looking for a more casual option,

something a bit cheaper but still quality…

The Sundance boulderpad is the one for you.

  • It has a light weight and good size
  • Cheapest pad in the market
  • works 2 ways to fit your climb

If your going to be taking your Bouldering to some new extremes,

Or need something a big bigger for some Harder boulders…

I recommend the Ocun Dominator.

  • it is much bigger and thicker for bigger landings
  • still relatively cheap
  • Also has the zip hinge

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment,

I will reply to it!

Thanks for reading, i hope it brought you some value, and ill see you in the next one!

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