Climbing Shoes should cost… for Beginner and Advanced. (Common Shoes)

Buying your pair of climbing shoes can seem like a massively complex task, it did for me almost 5 years ago when I got my first ‘Proper’ Pair of shoes!

How much do climbing shoes cost? Climbing shoes cost? Anywhere from £40 for a Beginner pair of shoes, £60 for an intermediate pair of shoes and £80 to £120 for Advanced climbing shoes. All these prices can vary because of sales and discounts, and the line between ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ shoes is not very clear.

but theres more too it than that! Working at a climbing gym I have gathered some juicy industry knowledge… and some real examples of my personal favourite shoes!

How much should I spend on Climbing Shoes?

When I first got into climbing, like I knew I was going to carry on for the forseeable future, I invested in a real cheap ‘Beginner’ pair of shoes from Decathalon.

Thats them!

We bought these shoes for £40 (well my dad did actually) because they seemed pretty good at the time, and who needs to spend £100 on Climbing shoes!?

Cheap climbing shoes

There is nothing inherently wrong with getting yourself a cheap pair of climbing shoes like these.

It seemed like a sensible inestment, they would last me ages because they were too big and they ‘did the job’.

However as the months went on and I was trying harder and harder climbs, these shoes definetly had a negative effect on my immediate and long term climbing ability.

Because they were too big I would not have been getting the most use out of my lower half.

This means I was getting used to using my arms more and my legs less… Not what we want in climbing!

If you are certain your going to climb for at least a year, or you cant imagine yourself stopping, I highly recommend investing in a high quality pair straight away.

Cheap shoes are great if your not looking to do much climbing or your just going it for fun but if your looking to progress and climb well, get a good pair!

Beginner climbing shoe cost examples

so, if your looking at getting a beginner pair of climbing shoes Theres a few things to think about.

Firstly, are you getting a beginner pair of climbing shoes because there cheap? or is it because you are just going climbing for some fun.

Iether way, these example shoes are brilliant with a pretty affordable cost to them!

Five Ten Wall Master = £49.02!

These are the five ten ‘Wall Masters’, You can look at them here on EpicTv.Opens in a new tab.

They are only £9 more than those decathalon shoes I was climbing in for YEARS.

The difference between them goes much further than the cost however… These shoes made by leading climbing brand 5.10 are a much higher quality.

The rubber will be better, the construction and simply the design of the shoe is just all better!

Youll be able to maximise your footwork and enable yourself to climb better IMMEDIATELY!

I wish I found these shoes years ago!

I explain more about how getting a good pair of shoes sooner can help in this article here.Opens in a new tab.

Paying £40 to £60 for a beginner pair of Climbing shoes is pretty reasonable in my opinion.

I have seen first hand how much of an impact they can make to your climbing ability.

If your looking at getting a new pair of climbing shoes as a beginner, or you want a pair that will work for you but does not cost you too much… I cannot recommend these shoes enough!

Advanced climbing shoe cost examples

If your loooking at an Advanced pair of climbing shoes, expect them to cost £80 to £120.

This might seem like a lot to a beginner, I never thought I would end up happily paying that money for a pair of Climbing Shoes!

But there is good reason these shoes cost double on average… there twice as good!

Firstly, Advaned climbing shoes are ALL Agressive in shape, meaning there downturned or they point the toes down.

This maximises the weight you can put through your legs and enables you to use smaller and smaller holds.

You can even ‘dig’ the point of your shoes into holds on overhangs and feel quite comfortable upside down!

They also have lots of additional features like extra bits of rubber, all over the shoe.

Rubber on the top of the toe is for ‘toe hooking’ and theres rubber all over the sides of shoes to create tension in the shoe.

My Recommendation for an advanced pair of climbing shoes is the Scarpa VS-R!

If you read through my website you will see I am a big fan of these shoes, I wear them for pretty much all my climbing!

Scarpa VS-R = £110Opens in a new tab. on EpicTv!

You can immediately tell how much better these shoes are going to be for climbing hard!

I wore these on my first 8a and all of my hardest boulders.

There super comfortable because there wider than most other performance climbing shoes.

This means your pinkie toes arent getting crushed in the shoe but your still able to use all the smallest edges!

Thats me rocking the Scarpas in spain!

I have had these shoes for a couple years now because now I know how good they are I just keep ordering them over and over again!

Honestly if your looking to sport climb or boulder harder and harder, I think you will really like these shoes.

They have lots of toe rubber, making them incredible at toe hooks, perfect for indoor and out bouldering.

The tension system and softer midsole mean you can edge really well in them, but there super comfortable and work great on slab and smears!

Heres my full review of them by the wayOpens in a new tab., I go into a much more in depth review of them 🙂


The shoes you end up getting really depends on your personal circumstances.

In my opinion I really recommend investing straight in an intermediate to advanced pair of climbing shoes no matter the style of climbing your in to.

I hope this article helped you to reach an informed decision and brought you some value.

See you in the next one!

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