Make Money Climbing: 5 ways if your not a pro

Like many climbers I would like to make some income through my hobby so I can spend more time Climbing, But all I found online was ‘Become a professional’ as a means of making money climbing… So heres 5 real ways to make money climbing!

  • Become a Climbing guide
  • Coach people rock climbing
  • Climbing Content creator (Youtube, Blog)
  • Sales representative
  • Become a route setter

This is by no means an exhaustave list, this is just what I see has worked for others around me… So lets dive into each one and quit your dayjob!

Becoming a Climbing guide

I went on a climbing trip to spain with my Climbing squad.

One of our rest days we decided to go and climb Bernier ridge, a mountain scramble in Costa Blanca.

I was thinking at the time how cool it was that he was getting paid to take us along this mountain.

We are all capable people so he was really just making sure we stayed safe.

I am sure there was a lot more going on than what I could see, he is a very skilled man, But he was still very much enjoying himself!

If you want to make money and still go up mountains or to crags and boulder beaches you might enjoy being a climbing guide!

There are Qualifications you will need to train for, experience you need and a lot to learn about group management.

You couldnt just become a climbing guide tommorow, but you could begin and probably be there in a year or two depending on your experience and conscientiosness!

The very basic steps as I see it are:

  • Get the background climbing experience
  • Climbing qualification training
  • Qualification assesment
  • Experience, perhaps volunteer or work for someone (could stop here)
  • Get clients
  • Go climbing!

If you are interested there are some great resources out there, check your National Governing Body for more information. (BMC in the uk)

Coach people rock climbing

Number two is my personal favourite, I am a beginner climbing coach!

Helping people become better climbers and actualize there goals is an insanely rewarding experience and it feels so good to be able to impact someone so positively.

Climbing coaching isnt for everyone, you need to hold space for the climber to learn for themselves, but if you can refrain from just telling people what to do you can probably be a good coach!

You can either begin coaching in person at a local gym or make people coaching plans online if your appropriately certified.

Heres a couple of ideas:

  • Run group workshops (beginner Technique ect.)
  • Create people training plans
  • Provide climbing assesments
  • Online climbing workshops (fear of falling groups ect.)

Its a super fulfilling ‘Job’ and the time you spend climbing and learning will reward your clients as well as yourself!

Honestly even if you dont make that much money, you will be rewarded through your clients success and gratitude!

and its super desireable for anyone looking to have more freedom as you can work all over at different climbing gyms and even completely online if you create that for yourself.

Climbing content creator

People love watching climbing videos wether there looking for entertainment, how to’s or want to read about a new belay device.

If you have some industry knowledge and a smartphone, you can become a content creator.

you will begin without an audiance so dont expect money immediately, but if you are willing to invest the time and effort you can do it!

If you need money now this isnt really going to work for you, but if you have an income and are looking for a more creative / visual job you could give it a go!

Youtube is free, websites take like £40 to host, and you can begin right now!

Heres some ideas:

  • Make fun climbing videos (entertainment on youtube)
  • Educational climbing videos
  • Create a blog (like me!)
  • Create books on coaching or training (for websites or Youtube)

I have been blogging for about 5 months now and have seen £6… but I will keep going and eventually it will replace my job!

Sales representative

A friend of mine is a sales representative for a well known climbing brand.

He travels around all the major climbing comptitions and events talking to people about climbing gear and answering questions.

If you want to travel and experience climbing competitions, and dont mind talking about shoes all day… You can become a sales Rep!

He told me it is hard work, theres a lot of travelling and long days but you also get the oppertunity to watch competitions and climb all over the country on your travels!

If your a charismatic person or know the most about climbing shoes or gear, why not email some companies and begin your sales career!

become a route setter

Route setting is an amazing option for anyone not especially excited about a desk job.

Route setters work HARD.

They spend all day creating these masterpieces for us to climb on, test them and make sure there all decent and then repeat week after week.

I havent done any setting myself so it looks like a lot of fun from my perspective… but at work they all tell me its so tiring and hard work.

If you have a lot of experience climbing or climb particularly hard theres a pretty good chance you can become a route setter.

There are qualifications to complete and expect to at least volunteer to get experience.

But there is nothing stopping you!


Well there you are!

Theres some ways you can get into the climbing industry and make some money doing almost what you love without having to become a professional climber!

I hope you enjoyed this aticle and it brought you some value, I enjoyed making it!

See you in the next one 🙂

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