Recommended Harness

The ‘Beal Rebel Soft’ Harness

This is my favorite harness,

I have used it for about 2 years now despite having more expensiveand ‘reputable’ brand harnesses.

Its important im comfortable in my harness because I redpoint routes a lot and spend a significant amount of time hanging and belaying my partners.

This harness is so good because it has wide leg and hip loops to really spread your weight out and provide maximum comfort and support.

Its got plenty of Gear Loops for any discipline of climbing you explore.

The softness of the harness hasnt made it any more susceptable to abrasion from the rock, the outer material is still constructed from a tough nylon material.

And its much less money than most harnesses!

Heres the EpicTv linkOpens in a new tab. for it, if you wanna check it out yourself.