Recommended Shoes

Scarpa Instinct VS-R’s

These are the shoes I wear when I am trying to climb something hard, 

usually a boulder that requires small precise feet, Heel and Toe hooks, or its just really overhung. 

The fit is amazing and they can make and foot hold feel BOMBER.

This is my second pair because now I know how Good climbing in them feels so im going to just keep buying them over and over.

I have a review here  Where I break down why exactly I Love them, and if they are suitable for you!

If you want to buy them ive provided the Epic Tv link which is generally the cheapest and also gives me a small commision.

Click here to Check out the VS-Rs on Epic Tv!Opens in a new tab.

La Sportiva Miuras

The Miuras are the best technical climbing shoe out there. 

No joke these bad bois make me feel confident on the smallest of foot holds.

They were the shoe that allowed me a recent ascent of ‘the most technical face climb on portland’

If you prefer outdoor climing or vertical and gently overhung routes these are the shoes for you! 

The stiffer midsole gives you ample suppourt so you can keep pulling through your legs.

I did a Full review on them you can check that out here.Opens in a new tab.

The trade off is there not ideal for the ‘new school’ climbing style with lots of toes and heels and big overhangs 

but they more than make up for it with the comfort and confidence they provide me with on more Technical, Outdoor climbs.

Heres the Epic Tv Link for you

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