Singing Rock ‘Penta’, What you wanna know!

Ive been wearing the ‘Penta’ Helmet by Singing rock for a good couple years now, And id like to share with you why I think its the Best helmet.

The Singing Rock ‘Penta’ Review


  • Super lightweight
  • Very Comfortable
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Looks Great


  • Fragile
  • ‘One time use’
  • Not a ‘Tough’ Helmet

Heres my Video Review:

So the reason i chose this helmet, and why i think its the best for rock climbing is its incredibly light… Like 205 Grams LIGHT!

Its also super comfortable and has great colourways!

I actually paid an extra £2 to have it in blue and yellow…

For a bit of comparison i weighed 2 small (and perfectly ripe) bannanas.

Here they are compared to the helemt.

The penta coming in at 210g
2 small bannanas, 300g, 90g more than the helmet…

The two bannans were 300 grams, and these were small bannanas btw…

The helmet weights 210 grams with the stickers i have on it.


Its honestly crazy to experience it in person, i dont think youll understand until you feel it yourself.

Why the Singing Rock Penta is so good

The helmet trades Resistance for comfort.

I dont really see this as a disadvantage at all…

This is the one helmet i dont mind wearing all day, so if a rock did fall on my head,

Id be thankful its so comfortable i was actually wearing it.

The best Helmet is the one you will wear.

Its also super adjustable and fits my head well.

it says it will fit anywhere from 51cm to 60cm head circumference.

Im sure you could be even smaller or bigger and it would still fit you really well.

The padding goes right around above the temples so it stays steady and doesnt wobble about when your climbing.

Minimal design

One of things i generally dislike about helmets is they never fit my small head well,

and often fall infront of my eyes or wobble about on my head when im trying to climb.

This helmets stap system works so well, and fits any size / shape head,

because its so flexible in adjustment.

So this helmet stays in place and i can easilly forget im wearing it when im climbing,

which is exactly what i want!


So we can see the helmet is Ultra-Light, but why doe that make it the best helmet?

For me, the best helmet is the one i wear.

This helmet is so comfortable and light i can wear it all day no problem.

I forget its on my head, which is ideal for me.

I never used to like wearing a helmet because they were uncomfortable and felt heavy and big on my head.

So now having this helmet which just floats on top of my head means i will wear it all the time.

The best Helmet is the one you will wear.

This is why i think its so amazing,

It means i actually wearing the helmet all the time.

The most expensive or most solid helmet doesnt do anything if you leave it at home.


The helmet entirely uses fabric as its strap / adjustment system to save weight.

This also means they dont use rigid plastic in the adjustment of the helmet,

adding to its comfort.

Thats my main issue with most other hemets, the plastic used to adjust them is always uncomfortable.

But this helmet is just fabric so once again its super comfortable!

Travelling with the penta

since the straps on the inside are fabric it maximises the amount of stuff i could fit inside the helmet when i went on a climing trip in spain.

The conventional plastic straps in the inside of most helmets actually really minimise the amount of space inside the helmet.

Padding in the penta

The padding you can see in that image also is a big part of the helmets comfort.

This didnt go for a minimal amount of padding like most other helmets.

They used a nice thick peice of padding for the forehead and top of the head,

So its super comfortable!

The padding is also perforated so you dont get a sweaty / ichy head from the helmet.

Once agan adding to its attractiveness as someone who didnt really like wearing helmets.


The helmet is essentially made from some hardcore styrofoam,

With a thin shell made from Polycarbonate.

This allows the helmet to be abbrasion resistant and light weight as hell!

The downside of this is the helmet is pretty much one time use…

If you were ufortunate enough to get hit on the head with a medium sized rock the helmet would shatter, Your life would be saved, but the helmet will be no more.

The helmet is designed to dispurse all the impact from the rock by shattering. It does a great job of it too because its UIAAOpens in a new tab. rated just like any other helmet.

Its worth mentioning you need a good impact to shatter the helmet, its not fragile

Like a small rock will just be deflected by the helmet, There not brittle.

Just a big impact that would be life threatening causes the helmet to shatter.


In my opinion this ‘one time use’ design of the helmet doesnt really seem like a trade off honsestly.

The fact its so comfortable i always wear it, and it saved my life…

I dont really care about having to replace it!

Like i said, the best helmet is the one your wearing.

The helmet does need to be treated much more carefully than a solid outer shell helmet.

Pushing on the sides of the helmet it flexes pretty easilly.

A friend of mine fell over on the way to the crag and landed on his ‘Styrofoam’ style helmet,

not a singing rock one BTW, And it shattered…

So you really do have to be carefull of it if its not on your head,

Because its strong pretty much only top down.

When you do take it off please leave it flat on the ground, the right way up so it survives someone falling / landing on it.


The helmet has a crazy amount of empty space on the sides and back of the helmet.

This doesnt sacrafice any protection from rock falls,

Just allows your head to breathe and not Over heat on those perfect crag days.

Field testing the Penta

I have worn the penta for pretty much all my adventures.

The Helmet Clips are so small and subtle they will never get in the way when your climbing,

Or get snagged on anything.

But when i needed to attach my GoPro, They helt it very securely and i had no fear they would drop my camera.

The Singing Rock ‘penta’ comes into its element for trips to all your hot climbing countries.

This photo from spain is my first day wearing the helmet,

and you can see im chuffed.

The ventilation and airy padding meant my head wasnt hot at all,

and i could happily wear it all day without it becoming uncomfortable.


I honestly recommend this helmet for eveyone looking for a comfortable helmet they wont mind wearing all day.

Its got some really cool colourways too if blue isnt your thang.

Heres the Amazon LinkOpens in a new tab. so you can check it out,

It is an affiliate link but that hasnt swayed my recommendation at ALL i promise!

Thanks for reading this, i hope it helps you decide!

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