Total Cost to begin ROCK Climbing (BUDGET 2021)

When I began climbing I didnt have the money to purchase anything but the essentials, and everyone told me a different story of what I should buy.

How much does rock climbing gear cost? To purchase EVERYTHING you need for Outdoor climbing it will cost you £218.65 for just the ESSENTIAL Protective equipment. If you decide to purchase the items of extra safety and convenience it will cost total £348.69

After making the mistakes myself I have Compiled this list so you know exactly how little you can start climbing for and wont have any doubt about the quality of the products since i personally use these items and wouldnt recommend them otherwise.

While this may seem like a lot, this equipment will last you mostly a lifetime. You only have to replace the Textiles like the rope and slings every 10 years unless damaged sooner and the metal equipment like belays and carabiners dont have to ever be replaced unless there damaged.

So it really is a big investment initially, but because there is no cost to use outdoor venues once you have invested in the equipment, you dont have to spend any more money!

If you want to just climb indoors, you will probably be able to borrow all the equipment you need and I recommend investing in your own shoes first, as it will have the biggest impact on your climbing ability.

I have included links for my recommended purchases. I will earn a small percent commision if you purchase through my links. I have ONLY recommended buget friendly, QUALITY items I can personally vouch for!

1. Harness = £42.11

Harness, of course! this is the equipment that attaches you to your safety equipment, very important!

I use the Beal Rebel Soft (heres the EpicTv linkOpens in a new tab.) because its really inexpensive for a harness and super comfortable, plus its the harness i use so i can PERSONALY vouch for its high quality, comfort and durability.

you can get much cheaper harnesses than this just please remember you are going to be spending a lot of time in it, and a cheaper harness is pretty much always less Comfortable.

My first harness was much more expensive and from a brand i considdered higher quality but it was much less comfortable and caused irritation to my legs when i belayed or fell into the harness.

Considering i spend up to 3 hours belaying someone while they work a route, im really glad i can sit back into a comfortable harness like the Beal Rebel soft.

If you are going to use cheaper items than what i have recommended in this post, just please at least get a quality harness, your comfort is worth much more than the Tenner or whatever you manage to save!

2. Rope = £87.61

Ropes can be really expensive and theres so much specification on them it can be confusing to decide what you really need. Luckily, I have compiled exactly How you can decide for yourself!

Im covering outdoor Sport climbing which needs a pretty simple rope, if your looking for a trad or ice climbing rope, look for another Post, I havent got enough experience outside of sport climbing to feel confident writing you one yet!

I recommend the BEAL Wall Master  because its really inexpensive and has a thicker sheath, meaning it will last you longer! (Heres the EpicTV link for it Opens in a new tab.)

Unfortunately its only 50m so you will have to make sure it will work wth your chosen crag, More than likely it will, its just worth consideration.

This might seem really expensive to you for a rope but i promise you its really not! i got a fancy rope for christmass that was £130 for 60 meters!

Thats £2.16 a meter, compared to this rope, costing £1.75!

This rope is also specialised to have a more Durable ‘Sheath’ or outer layer so it can last much longer getting abused on the climbs before you have to replace it out of genuine safety considerations.

3. Belay device = £13.35

You could spend £58 on a ‘GriGri’ (Heres the EpicTV linkOpens in a new tab.) because there really popular and extra safe because of the ‘Assisted Breaking’ feature in them, or you can try the ‘Beal Air force 1’ (Heres the EpicTV linkOpens in a new tab.) I think its a smart choice and its a very reasonable price for a piece of gear you can use forever.

If you dont have one there are plenty of amazing designs with unique and inventive technologies in them, but all you really need is a belay device. Choose something that fits your buget.

Unfortunately at this price the BEAL device isnt assisted breaking like the GriGri so there is a bit less margin for error. Used correctly its still a completely safe belay of course.

Assisted breaking technically just helps you hold the rope on a fall as the device cams the rope in whatever method the device does, to help you catch the fall, and you can invest more money into a GriGri because there extra safe.

Prioritise it before spending extra on a cool rope or chalk bag.

4. Carabiners = £21.76

You are going to need at minimum 3 carabiners between your partner. You will need one to attach your belay device to your harness, and you will need two to secure yourself at the top and get your rope back.

I use the ‘OCUN Hawk Screw’ carabiners and you can conviniently buy a 3 pack on epic tvOpens in a new tab. for only £21!

this is a really good deal right now as there quality carabiners and you can use them forever providing they dont get damaged.

There currently on sale so it would be wise to purchase them for this price!

5. Sling = £3.73

A sling is a closed loop of cord, used for securing youself to anchors, when you retrieve your rope you temporarily untie and need the sling to keep yourself attached in the meantime.

I recommend the ‘CAMP Express Ring 16mm’ from the EpicTV shopOpens in a new tab., and its on sale right now too!

Its Polyester not dyneema which makes it more abbrasion resitant and cheaper!

And it wont break if you somehow manage to take a leader fall onto it, which is a bonus obviously haha.

6. Quickdraws = £50.09

Quickdraws are the ‘clips’ you use to make the bolts in the rock usable for your protection.

There are so many styles and designs, once again for very specific disciplines in climbing. But all you need is a simple sport climbing Quickdraw set.

Depending on the length of your local climbing areas you may need 5 quickdraws or you may need 20 upwards.

I recommend the ‘OCUN Hawk QD combi PA’ from the EpicTV shop as there the best qualift for a really affordable price!

15 is a solid number to begin with, and 13 allows me to climb pretty much anything local to me, up to 28 meters.

Check if you do need more for your crag online, or just assume youll need a quickdraw for every two meters.

Recommended Extras

These items arent ESSENTIAL for rock climbing, there just the really recommended extras that increase safety and improve your climbing Experience.

You may consider helmet and shoes essential, so do I, i just wanted to keep the initial figure down as low as possible by just including the Equipment required for the safety systems.

Helmet = £38.00

A helmet should be a part of everyones climbing Kit list. While I admittedly wear my helmet much less than I should, a solid helmet is just a must have.

Recently at my local crags there have been a few incidents of kids throwing rocks over the edge at climbers! so its very valuable to have a helmet.

You might think its quite unlikely to get hit on the head with a rock but i have seen it happen at least twice, and almost once myself in my 3/4 years of outdoor climbing!

To protect you from rock falls and boost your confidence when your climing, you need a helmet!

I recommend the ‘EDELRID Zodiac’ from the EpicTv shopOpens in a new tab. Because the hardshell makes it long lasting and a very minimal sacrafice between comfort and affordability.

Theres literally no reason not to not wear one and it might just save your life.


Climbing Shoes = £52.21

Climbing shoes are an apsolute must in my opinion, there is no one piece of gear that will revolutionise your climbing the way a good pair of shoes will.

Yeah, you can climb in your trainers but this is pretty disrespectful to everyone else using the space as you, they dont wanna go up a route after you just walked dirt all over the holds!

There are Affordable shoes like the ‘SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe’ For only £52.21!

I havent used these specific shoes but scarpa have never dissapointed me, and its more more affordable than my original recommendation of the Miuras at more than double that price!

Heres the EpicTV link for those.Opens in a new tab.

I will recommend ALMOST EVERYONE the ‘La Sportiva Miuras’ because they are an incredibly comfortable shoe, can make the smallest of foot holds feel like ledges and support you over thousands of feet of climbing.

Heres my in depth review for you, where you will see if they are appropriate for you.Opens in a new tab.

Chalk bag = £9.48

Yes, the humble chalk bag. while i think there not nessesarry, so you could decide not to get one if your trying to save money, they are a really great tool.

When your handy are sweaty, a chalk bag can literally enable you to carry on climbing! so yeah you can definetly climb without, or just borrow a friends, but having chalk right there with you is so helpful and almost nessesarry for ‘Performance’ climbing, or climbing to your limit.

You can get some really cool and personalised chalk bags, heres the Link to the cheapest on EpicTVOpens in a new tab.!

Rope Bag = £30.35

The rope bag is a genuine Breakthrough in climbing.

I got the Mammut Element rope bag, i linked the epic tv hereOpens in a new tab. for you. Its everything you want and nothing you dont need.

Im not joking about rope bags, i genuinely wish i could go round climbing centres and give everyone not using a rope bag one!

You can just use a IKEA bag and ive seen people use shopping baskets, just use whatever fits your buget!


Thank you for reading this, i hope you have more confidence about what investments to make, and im really excited for you to get climbing… its incredible.

The links i have included are affiliate, meaning i earn a small commision for every purchase through them, but this has not influenced me to recommend you a more expensive product for my own gain, these are just the products i use and genuinely recommend for anyone.

the commision is just a bonus i might as well make use off, and it can help me keep this blog going <3

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