UNLOCK your hips for climbing Flexibility!

We all know flexible hips are so important for climbing efficiently, just look at all the best climbers in the world like Adam Ondra and you see how important it is to be able to utilise flexible hips.

So how do I increase my hip flexibility? Getting more flexibility takes consistency and knowing the right excersises and stretches so your body allows your flexibility to develop. Not only do you need to stretch but you need to strengthen and create balance in the 15 hip muscles.

Ive been training my Box splits for a couple years now, Let me walk you through what ive learned.

Whats included?

  • Hip anatomy
  • Exercies
  • Active Mobility
  • stretching vs strengthening
  • Adductors
  • ‘Unlock my Hips’ Review

You need to be doing the right exercises and stick to your stretching routine for a substantial amount of time to see real progress in your Hip Flexibility.

Read on to Get the full picture and learn why your static stretching routine isnt enough…

Adam Ondra working a new 5.15b at Acephale in Canmore, Alberta

Simply doing a static hip stretch will not cut it to improve your hip flexibility.

Your hips won’t open up past a certain point if you don’t also have the strength and mobility in the surrounding muscles.

This is because Your body wants to protect itself and going out into the wide ranges of hip flexibility without the necessary strength is Vunerable for your body.


This post Has ACTIONABLE steps for improving your flexibility.

It also acts as my review of the ‘Unlock you Hips program’ I purchased and want to share with you all.

It provides the full Formula to building healthy hips, allowing you to progress substantially.

It has changed how I view my ‘Stretch sessions’ and has Serious potential for improving Your Flexibility!

How can You improve my hip flexibility?

I mentioned it takes more than static stretching of a couple muscles in your hip to see progress.

You also need to perform Antaginist excersises on the opposing muscles, and strengthen the muscles your stretching so they can handle going out to the limits of there range.

I Made a follow along video for you, demonstrating the routine I purchased:

Hip Anatomy

The hip region has over 15 muscles broken down into four muscle groups.

Each having major contribution for hip flexibility, mobility, and strength.

This is why a simple routine consisting of one or two static stretches is not giving you the results you want.

All the muscles in the hip region act in conjunction with each other so simply stretching one or two of them will not allow your hip flexibility to improve.

So how can I actually unlock my hip flexibility for increased climbing performance?

it takes a balance in your strenth and mobility in all the hip muscles to be able to fully utilise your hip flexibility.

Static stretching alone isnt good enough.

I have spent a good amount of time sitting recently as I developed this website and publish articles.

This routine has fixed my back pain and immobility in a couple 11-minute sessions.

not only does it teach you how to properly stretch your hips it provides the exercises to strengthen them so your body will actually allow you to open up into that increased flexibility.

you may not know but your body will not let you go past a certain point with your flexibility if it deems the muscles too weak.

This is to protect your body, and not knowing this is exactly why I wasted a couple of years just doing the same static stretches over and over with no progress.


The programme includes 10 exercises in a 20 minute follow along video.

Including static stretching, dynamic stretches and exercises to target the capsules in the hips for increased range of motion and less pain.

Exercises i never would have thought of, and a number of core stability and antagonist exercises for the hips and glutes.

Including some balance and activation excersises that are really challenging!

The whole 20-minute follow along coaching video is in sequential order to progress deeper and deeper into the hip mobility and freedom as the routine progresses.

Like I said I can’t just give you all the exercises because of Copyright (and morals lol)

However I can give you my genuine Insight with how they helped me progress in my hip flexibility and more importantly health.

I also include my personal favourite exersises so this post provides genuine value if you dont invest in the course yourself.

Strengthening the Adductors

I was put onto this excersise by a local legend from the Kick-Boxing industry.

Get into this position and pull your leg as high as it goes, without using your arm or other leg.

Take a photo like this so you have visual proof of your progress.

Pull your leg as high as it goes by using your inner thigh and hold for 5 seconds, then rest for 5 and repeat for 5 reps.

Focusing on form you will probably only achieve one set your first time, then slowly move onto two sets next session and so on.

This strengthens your adductors and will have a massive impact on how far you can go into your stacic adductor stretches.


This next exercise is great for climbers because its no good having flexible Hips if your not strong enough to open them!

Stretching by using gravity is good for the flexibility but does nothing for the Mobility, an ESSENTIAL aspect of climbing.

Lay on your back with your heels together and pull your hips open using your outer ass muscles.

Time yourself pulling as hard as you can for 10 seconds, then rest for ten and repeat for 5 reps.

You can build up reps as it becomes easier for you.

This trains the muscles responsible for ‘sucking’ your hips into the wall.

You should train these BEFORE your climbing session to activate them and make the most out of your flexibility when your climbing.

It will also help you begin to use them more actively in your climbing movements.

Horse squat

Strength and stability movement also stretches the hips, creating a balanced exercise for healthy hips.

This isn’t included in the program, its just my favourite stretch because it simultaneously activates the muscles required for the mobility in specific climbing movement.

And you can fit it into your daily routine really easily, making consistent stretching much more achieveable.

Here’s my demonstration video:

‘3d Leg swings’

 This is the first exercise in the program to get you hips warmed up.

Dynamically stretching them begins unravelling all the tendons around the hip.

Swinging your leg on four different planes, firstly straight forward leg swings, front and back to begin with.

Then bring your leg out in front of you and swing it across your body, slowly working up the range of motion.

Finally, swing your leg across your body diagonally like you’re kicking a football.

This trains you hips up in a very climbing specific way because your using the muscles to open them up.

This is much more practical than just using gravity to stretch them.

Gravity wont help you with high feet when your climbing so this excerise is massively beneficial.

Strengthening exercises

You have to unlock your hip flexibility through strengthening of the hips as well as stretching them.

Ive included my personal favourite strengthening exercises ive learned over the years.

Were going to focus on the:

  • Glutes
  • Tensor Fascie Latae muscles
  • Adductors

What can I do to strengthen my hips as well?

The course includes a couple strengthening excercises targeting the key muscles, these include; the Glutes, Tensor fascie latae muscles and a couple others covered in the course.

These muscles are key to healthy hips because without being strong you wont be able to make use of the flexibility and your body wont let your flexibility progress untill the missing strength is adressed!

The Programme

I purchased this programme so i have the confidence that it will give me full understanding of the hips system.

It provided the complete routine for targeting all the muscles essential for a healthy synergy in your hips.

This allowed for real progress in my hip flexibility, and while I’d love to just give you all the exercises, that would just be ripping off his programme.

I have included my suggestions and insight from my progress with the plan, in the hopes that you will invest in yourself with it.

Im not just trying to sell you some product, i genuinely see the improvements from the routine.

These novel excersises would have taken me years to discover myself and for £10 theres really no point!

Unlock my hips

I recommend the ‘Unlock my Hips‘ online course for the complete transformation of your climbing.

It truly has enlightened me to the approach needed to create the environment for hip flexibility to develop, and whats more is you only have to follow there 20 minumte video.

It includes a PDF book version with all the background knowledge and a follow along ad coaching video.

it works so well because its not your generic content found online.

It features; 3D mobility and conditioning excercises, PNF stretching and UNIQUE muscle activation movements.

This creates a healthy, synergystic strength in your hips.

Allowing for a quick and pain free progression of your hip flexibility that will last.

And actually be beneficial for your climbing.

And its only £10Opens in a new tab.

Personally, i just like investing in courses like this because i know im getting the best information.

And Im not wasting my time on less than optimal routines.


Thank you for reading this! i hope it brought you some value and i wish you all the best in your journey to hip flexibility!

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